Vudila’s awesome friends

Jääaja Keskus

Ice Age Centre

PHONE: +372 5911 3318

E-MAIL: info@jaaaeg.ee

WEBSITE: www.jaaaeg.ee

DISCOUNT: 20% the first 7 days

The Ice Age Centre is a unique theme park in the Baltic States where visitors of all ages are welcome. Here, you will learn about the history of the universe and what awaits us in the future. You’ll also have a chance to see life-sized prehistoric animals and experience how the world and Estonian nature has developed over the millennia. Is a mammoth just a hairy elephant? When did humans inhabit Estonia? How will the coastline change in time? Is the climate getting warmer or actually colder? Come and find an answer to these questions at the Ice Age Centre.

The Kalevipoeg Museum

PHONE: +372 5289500

E-MAIL: info@kalevipojakoda.ee

WEBSITE: www.kalevipojakoda.ee

DISCOUNT: 20% for the first 7 days

In this awesome whole-family interactive museum located near Vudila, you will be able to walk in the footsteps of Estonia’s national hero. Minutes turn into hours as you visit Hell and fight the Old Pagan with the help of VR glasses, build a bridge with your bare hands, watch a movie in a huge ship called the Plane, and get to know Kalevipoeg through the eyes of various artists. The museum introduces you to Estonia’s national epic through an interactive method. The youngest members of the family will have a chance to take part in several handicraft activities and spend time on the large playground outside. The bravest can also visit the Kalevipoeg adventure trail, designed for all ages.

Aura Centre

PHONE: +372 730 0287

E-MAIL: info@aurakeskus.ee

WEBSITE: www.aurakeskus.ee

DISCOUNT: 20% for the first 7 days

After an action-packed day at Vudila, the Aura Centre is the perfect place where to have a relaxing end to your day. There, you are faced with the decision of how to divide your time between the awesome water park and relaxing sauna centre. The water park is an exciting experience for all ages – be it because of the thrilling water rides and slides, mysterious caves with water curtains, counter-current swimming paths, or the toddler pool with fun attractions. Aura’s sauna centre features 9 different types of saunas, a Japanese bath, a cozy lounge area with comfortable seating, a winter room, and jacuzzis on the outdoor terrace – the choices seem infinite. Aura is waiting for you!

Palamuse Museum

PHONE: +372 7760 514

E-MAIL: info@palamusemuuseum.ee

WEBSITE: www.palamusemuuseum.ee

DISCOUNT: 20% for the first 7 days

Palamuse is the only museum in Estonia that gives a historical overview of the nation’s parish schools. The museum researches, collects, and preserves school life from the 17th century all the way through to Estonia’s independence. The exhibition in the main building gives an in depth introduction to how parish schools operated through the lens of Kevade (Spring), the beloved book by Oskar Luts. In the old school building, in addition to teaching, you can also get an idea of the pastor’s duties, peek into the kingdom of the pastor’s wife, and even have a look into their bedroom. Guests can also order various diverse and era-themed programmes throughout the year. Welcome!

Science Centre AHHAA

PHONE: +372 745 6789

E-MAIL: ahhaa@ahhaa.ee

WEBSITE: https://ahhaa.ee/et

DISCOUNT: 20% for the first 7 days

The aim of Science Centre AHHAA is to encourage studying through the joy of discovery. More than 3 million people of all ages have visited the centre’s hugely popular and enjoyable exhibitions and other science events. In addition to numerous hands-on exhibits, visitors of AHHAA can also take part in workshops, have a stroll around the planetarium and watch theatre shows that tackle science questions. AHHAA welcomes visitors of all ages and offers a great opportunity to spend a fun day filled with science!

Tartu Adventure Park

PHONE: +372 7760 222

E-MAIL: info@tartuseikluspark.ee

WEBSITE: www.tartuseikluspark.ee

DISCOUNT: 20% for the first 7 days

You will be greeted by birdsong and a whole lot of greenery when you arrive at Tartu Adventure Park. This is a place where minutes turn into hours as you have so many various activities to take part in. The adventure park features a variety of trails with different difficulty levels to choose from depending on the age of the adventurer as well as long rope descents, a playroom, minigolf, a ball game field, and many other exciting attractions. After an adventurous day, you will be able to relax and share your joyful experiences in the park’s cafe or the cosy outdoor terrace. Those who do not have any adventurous genes can cheer on other climbers from the cafe’s terrace where from you get an overview of the whole park.

Estonian National Museum (ERM)

PHONE: +372 736 3051

E-MAIL: erm@erm.ee

WEBSITE: www.erm.ee

DISCOUNT: 20%  off for the first 7 days

As a national museum, the Estonian National Museum (ERM) does a great job at conveying the essence of being Estonian and the nation’s basic values, in addition to preserving the feeling of continuity and tradition. Visitors are met with a material as well as virtual world, inviting them to discover, become aware of and participate in the cultural journey. The museum communicates the pleasure of being an Estonian that one simply must experience. The 6000 square meter exhibition area of the ERM is the largest in the Baltics and it’s nearly 40 hectare outdoor area is the perfect place to relax from a day full of learning. Not to mention, the building also includes a restaurant, library, and gift shop.

Estonian Road Museum

PHONE: +372 5899 8064

E-MAIL: maanteemuuseum@transpordiamet.ee

WEBSITE: www.maanteemuuseum.ee

DISCOUNT: 20% off the family ticket for the first 7 days

The Estonian Road Museum is one of the largest cultural intermediators of the South-Eastern region of Estonia. The museum’s large exhibition area is divided into three sections. The latest, Machine Hall – Machine Control, is an interactive exhibit of a car’s mechanics, traffic physics and safety, as well as the construction of safe roads. The innovative outdoor exhibition Road Time features a road unfolded in time and space that presents a groundbreaking stage in history at every curve. The outdoor exhibit also features the biggest collection of road machinery in Eastern Europe. The museum’s city cars and two-wheelers are often most warmly greeted by the smallest members of the family. The main building exhibition focuses on the means of transport from ancient times to the present day with a kids museum on the second floor.

Lange Motocenter

PHONE: +372 6150 059

E-MAIL: info@langemotokeskus.com

WEBSITE: https://langemotokeskus.com

DISCOUNT: 10% off for the first 7 days

Situated near Tartu, Lange Motocenter is one of the biggest entertainment centres in the Nordic countries that manages to leave no visitor indifferent. Ensuring a positive emotion and indelible experience, the Motocenter offers solutions for all seasons. The indoor karting track is open during the Winter season, where you will be able to drive the ultra quiet and comfortable electric karts. The latter is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. The outdoor karting and motocross track is open during the Summer season. The outdoor track features the option of double-seated and children’s karts in addition to individual adult karts. Come weekend, you will also have a chance to participate in our kids morning programme, which includes free pancakes in addition to driving a kart. To drive a kart, the child must be at least 135cm tall.

Upside Down House

PHONE: +372 56 688 1811

E-MAIL: info@tagurpidimaja.ee

WEBSITE: www.tagurpidimaja.ee

DISCOUNT: 10% off for the first 7 days

What to do in Tartu with your family, friends or guests? The Upside Down House is an exciting and head-dizzying experience for all ages! Have fun and don’t forget to take a lot of pictures!