Story of foundation


Kaiavere Village was known for quail farms during the Soviet time.
The biggest Estonian quail farm, which started research in the area of keeping, feeding and later also breeding quail, was located here. Kaiavere quail farm was known in Estonia and abroad. The basic production comprised quail eggs, which were mainly exported toRussia.

At the beginning of the 1990s the farm complex was deserted and transferred from one owner to another. Within 15 years anything worthwhile was carried away. Even the roof plates made of asbestos cement were stolen from two buildings.

In 2006, two good friends (the current owners of Vudila) met the owner of the farm - Aavo Pikkuus and discussed what to do with the ruins of the farm. They had many good ideas and the farm was purchased. The first plan was to found a perfect care home with all modern conveniences and a cosy interior design for spending one's senior years…

However, it did not take long when the young fathers of families realised that the complex had to become the biggest playland in Estonia, providing activities to the whole family during an entire day, including a variety of attractions, pools with slides, boats and water bikes on the lake, fishing facilities, catering, playrooms, etc. The name of the playland came easily as it was on the territory of the former quail farm (vutt in Estonian denotes quail) it became Vudila - a play park for kids!

The concept and the vision of the playland became more concrete while travelling around and visiting various similar facilities. Construction works started and financial project were compiled. It took some time and on June 1, 2010, the whole family playland Vudila was ready to open its doors to visitors.

We had great expectations to the first summer. We expected a lot of sun and numerous visitors. And there were more of both than we could expect! Million thanks to all people who have visited Vudila or plan to do it. Vudila is improved and made better every year thanks to the visitors who keep coming to us.

How Vudila was born, gallery

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