Sights of interest in Estonia

There are many interesting sightseeings located next to Vudila. If you are coming to this area, it’s worth to explore its surroundings more. However, we can assure you, that when you will arrive to Vudila, you will not want to leave it till the evening. But if you have a chance to stay here longer, probably you would be interested in visiting some of the exciting places described below.

Ice Age Centre
Ice Age Centre is a unique and original tourist attraction – a nature study and visiting centre that combines popular scientific approach to ice age with entertainment.

Ice Age Centre – more than 2200 m2 of exhibition area full of stories about ice ages on the background of world history and human beings in the wonderful changing nature.

The purpose of the exposition of the Ice Age Centre is to offer its visitors hands-on experience with:

  • Origins of ice ages and their effect on the landform and biota of the earth, Estonia and Vooremaa on the background of a wider geochronological scale and evolution of the Universe
  • Development of Estonian nature and human settlement after the last ice age
  • Causes of and research on climate changes

Elistvere Animal Park

Vudila Playland is situated only 1.7 km away from ElistvereAnimalPark, where visitors can see wild animals living in Estonian forests in their natural habitat. A ticket bought in ElistvereAnimalParkshown in Vudila ticket office the same day guarantees a child a special price (12 EUR) in Vudila. See the home page of Elistvere Animal Park.

ElistvereAnimalParkis situated in Elistvere Manor. It is a very old manor mentioned in historical records already in 1355. The main building of the manor complex has not survived and the ruins were demolished in the 1930s. Only the warehouse with an impressive arcade has survived. The animal park started its activities on the territory of the manor in the 1990s. See more information about the manor here:  (choose the language on top of the page)

Palamuse Museum

PalamuseMuseumis the former schoolhouse of Palamuse Parish from the year 1873. Oskar Luts - one of the most outstanding Estonian writers studied in this school and wrote "Kevade" ("Spring") (first edition 1912)  - a book about is school time that has become Estonian classical literature here. The book has been translated into 13 languages. On the basis of the book also a film was shot inPalamuseMuseum. The museum introduces the history of Estonian parish school at the end of the 19th century through "Kevade" written by Oskar Luts.

The museum is opened

October 1 – April 30: Monday -Friday 10.00-17.00

May 1 – September 30: Monday-Sunday 10.00-18.00

A ticket bought in PalamuseMuseumshown in Vudila ticket office the same day guarantees a child a special price (12 EUR) in Vudila. See the home page of Palamuse Museum. Presentations in different languages are at the bottom of the home page.

Lake Saadjärve and Saadjärve Yachting Club

Saadjärve - the favourite place of the water racing fans ofSouth Estoniais the biggest lake in  Vooremaa area within the boundaries of Vooremaa landscape protection area. Area 708 ha, maximum depth 25 m.LakeSaadjärveis the only lake inEstonia, which belongs to the 10 biggest and 10 deepest lakes. There is a beach by the lake. The light winds blowing on the lake make it the favourate place of windsurfers and kite surfers. Saadjärve Yachting Club, situated by the lake, rents different rowing boats, surfboards, and sailing boats of different kinds; or you can rent a yacht (6.5 m long and the area of the sail 20m2) and go yachting (up to 5 people). Also rafts can be rented. There is a grill on the boat and while sailing you may grill and have a tasty meal, including the local fish from Saadjärve. Tenting and grilling facilities are available by the yachting club. In winter ice yachting together with instruction is provided.

Further information about Saadjärve Yachting Club is available on the home page:

Unfortunately, the home page is only in Estonian, more information available over the contact phone and via E-mail. See here:

See also the photo gallery of the yachting club:

Summer season:

Winter season:

Summer 2006:

Saadjärve Manor

Saadjärve Manor, situated 6.1 km from Vudila, is known in historical records as Saadjerv and Brackelshof. First information about the manor dates back to the year 1557. The manor has been in the possession of different owners. Swedish king Gustav Adolf presented the manor together with Elistvere Manor to Lieutenant Hans Wrangell in 1628. Since 1806, four daughters of the land counsellor Gustav Magnus von Fersen owned the manor. At the beginning of the 19th century family Koskull took hold of the manor. In 1904 it was transferred to the possession of Paul Johannes von Hackel. Constitutive Assembly expropriated the manor pursuant to the Land Act on October 10, 1919.  Saadjärve Manor also comprised the dairy farms at Koogi, Liivaku, Kullamäe and Kukulinna Manor (6.4km from Vudila) and Babeka Manor.

Saadjärve Manor had a distillery, which production was exported to Rigaand partly also to Russia. The buildings that have survived in the former manor complex up today include the stables, a smithy, the gardener's dwelling house, a granary, a distillery, only ruins of the stonewalls of the fat stock shed have survived.
The so-called barons' graveyard was founded on the boundary of Saadjärve and former Kolbergase Manor in the 18th century, of which only the surrounding stonewalls are standing.

The manor house is built of stone in classicist style.

See more information about the manor here:

Towns near Vudila

Tartu - university town and the biggest town in South Estonia. It is 21.5km from Vudila and it takes about 24 minutes to drive there. See the home page of Tartu. 

Jõgeva is 37km from Vudila, driving time about 37 minutes. See the home page of Jõgeva.
Information about accommodation near Vudila see here

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