Vudila playland provides catering in various catering facilities. Possible to pay by card and in cash.

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Vudila bistro is the biggest catering facility in the playland and accommodates up to 100 people. Bistro provides common dishes, soups and desserts. Also different warm and cold drinks, pies and rolls are available.
Aptamil baby food, milk mixtures and juices are available. There a playground for toddlers, baby chairs and a swathing room with a swathing table in the bistro.


Vuti trout is for visitors who like to eat fish. Fish caught in the trout pond of Vudila is gut and cleaned, seasoned and smoked or salted according to your wish. Tasty supplements and drinks that go with fish are also available. Variety of seasoning methods are provided, our fish chef assists the final choice.
If you want to cook the caught fish at home, we help to season and pack before taking it along.


Vudila Beach Café provides light meals, a variety of drinks and taste experiences to ice cream fans.


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Take a picnic basket along when you come to Vudila. Choose a place in the picnic area or elsewhere in the open air for having a picnic. Grills available on site. If you want to use a grill, turn to any Vudila employee, ask in the bistro or beach cafe.

OÜ Vudila Mängumaa, 49105 Kaiavere küla,Tabivere vald, Jõgeva maakond. Tel: 372 58 224 224